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Campfire-In-A-Can ®

Sorry, we are currently sold out of the Campfire-In-A-Can and are unable to obtain more units from the manufacturer. We are currently seeking an alternative product to offer to our customers as it appears unlikey that we will have access to the Campfire-In-A-Can product again in the future.

Campfire-In-A-Can ® (Gas Can ™) Portable Propane Campfire

Campfire-In-A-Can propane campfireThis propane or natural gas powered portable campfire / fire pit is ideal for backyard campfires and barbeque areas as well as for your favorite camping spot. The Campfire-In-A-Can ® campfire can be set up in literally minutes, providing you with a clean burning, safe, authentic looking fire pit for the enjoyment of your family and friends. Enjoy the comfort and ambience of a campfire without the smoke or mess. The Campfire-In-A-Can ® can even be used during local burning or campfire bans in most jurisdictions! Instead of chopping wood for your traditional campfire, sit back and relax with the Campfire-In-A-Can ® portable campfire / fire pit.

Includes: campfire burner with pedestal stand, 10 foot gas hose and regulator, cooking rack, one-piece true ceramic log set, black fire glass, Super Glow ceramic chips, multi-function lid/stand with folding carrying handle, and instruction manual.

Campfire-In-A-Can Gas Can Package

Independently tested and certified to CSA International Requirement 4.96 U.S., 2004, and CAN1-2.21-M85 standards for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Campfire-In-A-Can ® is a registered trademark of Leo Knight

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